Tiếng Anh 12 - Phần 5: Các từ / cụm từ đồng nghĩa – trái nghĩa

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Nội dung text: Tiếng Anh 12 - Phần 5: Các từ / cụm từ đồng nghĩa – trái nghĩa

  1. PHẦN 5: CÁC TỪ/CỤM TỪ ĐỒNG NGHĨA – TRÁI NGHĨA Từ/ cụm từ đồng nghĩa và trái nghĩa đôi lúc cũng tạo ra chút rắc rối cho các em trong quá trình học tiếng Anh. Hy vọng, những bài tập dưới đây sẽ giúp các em tự tin hơn.
  2. UNIT 1: MỘT SỐ BÀI TẬP TỪ/ CỤM TỪ ĐỒNG NGHĨA Mark the letter A, B, c, or D to indicate the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions. 1. The huge Olympic stadium in Beijing is called “The Bird’s Nest.” A. rectangular B. new C. enormous D. tiny 2. Some of the spectators were holding bright banners to cheer the athletes. A. light B. large C. colorful D. beautiful 3. Slim sportsmen climbed a memory tower (a tall scaffolding) placed in the middle of the field of The Bird’s Nest Stadium. A. brave B. young C. slender D. strong 4. International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge gave a delightful speech at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing. A. pleasing B. thankful C. wonderful D. satisfied 5. London’s mayor Boris Johnson received the Olympic flag. A. gave B. took C. waved D. kept 6. When the gold medal winner Usain Bolt saw his 200-meter race played on TV, he thought: “That guy is fast.” A. first B. swift C. excellent D. slow 7. The Bulgarian rhythmic gymnasts were stunned by the Olympic Village in Beijing. A. happy B. stupefied C. welcomed D. terrified 8. She speaks excellent French. A. good B. extremely good C. merry D. cool 9. Bulgarian athlete Rumyana Neykova, Women’s Singles Sculls gold winner, was very excited about her victory on August 16. A. grateful B. very happy C. appreciative D. nervous 10. The overall aim of the book is to help bridge the gap between theory and practice, particularly in language teaching. A. increase the understanding B. construct a bridge C. minimise the limitations D. reduce the differences 11. Thankful athletes, coaches and tourists gave a big hand at the closing ceremony of the 2018 AFC Cup in China. A. grateful B. greatful C. gratuitous D. cheerful Các câu từ 12-36 trích từ các đề thi ĐH các năm trước 2018. 12. Environmentalists appeal to the government to enact laws to stop factories from discharging toxic chemicals into the sea. A. releasing B. dismissing C. obtaining D. producing 13. His new work has enjoyed a very good review from critics and readers. A. viewing B. regard C. opinion D. look 14. Such problems as haste and inexperience are a universal feature of youth. A. marked B. separated C. shared D. hidden
  3. 15. We have lived there for years and grown fond of the surroundings. That is why we do not want to leave. A. possessed by the surroundings B. planted many trees in the surroundings C. loved the surroundings D. haunted by the surroundings 16. As tourism is more developed, people worry about the damage to the flora and fauna of the island. A. mountains and forests B. flowers and trees C. fruits and vegetables D. plants and animals 17. It is such a prestigious university that only excellent students are entitled are entitled Jo a full scholarship each year. A. are given the right to B. are refused the right to C. have the right to refuse D. have the obligation to 18. The repeated commercials on TV distract many viewers from watching their favourite films. A. businesses B. economics C. advertisements D. contests 19. The works of such men as the English philosophers John Locke and Thomas Hobbes helped pave the way for academic freedom in the modem sense. A. terminate B. prevent C. initiate D. lighten 20. E-cash cards are the main means of all transactions in a cashless society. A. cash-starved B. cash-strapped C. cash-in-hand D. cash-free 21. Many scientists agree that global warming poses great threats to all species on Earth. A. risks B. annoyances C. fears D. irritations 22. Although they hold similar political views, their religious beliefs present a striking contrast. A. minor comparison B. interesting resemblance C. significant difference D. complete coincidence 23. These were the people who advocated using force to stop school violence. A. openly criticised B. publicly said C. publicly supported D. strongly condemned 24. Within a week on display at the exhibition, the painting was hailed as a masterpiece. A. an expensive work of art B. a down-to-earth work of art C. an excellent work of art D. a large work of art 25. Many parents may fail to recognize and respond to their children’s needs until frustration explodes into difficult or uncooperative behavior. A. slowly reaches the boiling point B. suddenly becomes uncontrollable C. stays under pressure D. remains at an unchanged level 26. Those children who stay longer hours at school than at home tend to spend their formative years in the company of others with similar aims and interests. A. forming a new business company B. being separated from peers C. enjoying the care of parents D. being together with friends 27. “A friend in need is a friend indeed”: Our friends have voiced their strong criticism of China’s escalation of tension on our continental shelf. A. easing the tension B. improving the condition
  4. C. facing the reality D. worsening the situation 28. Now many people who shop at a health food store instead of a local supermarket are much more likely to find a healthy, sugar-free beverage. A. full of preservatives B. harmful to heath C. convenient to prepare D. beneficial to heath 29. Even though the mountain was very steep and the climb was hazardous, several adventurous tourists managed to reach the top. A. causing a lot of risks B. bringing excitement C. resulting in depression D. costing a lot of money 30. Dozens of applicants showed up for the vacant position, but only a handful of them were shortlisted for the interview. A. class B. hand C. small number D. small amount 31. Just like hearing infants who start first with simple syllable babbling, then put more syllables together to sound like real sentences and questions, deaf babies follow the same pattern. A. able to hear B. physically abnormal C. obedient to patterns D. hard of hearing 32. Thanks to the invention of the microscope, biologists can now gain insights into the nature of the human cell. A. far-sighted views B. spectacular sightings C. deep understanding D. in-depth studies 33. When Susan invited us to dinner, she really showed off her culinary talents. She prepared a feast - a huge selection of dishes that were simply mouth-watering. A. concerning nutrition and health B. involving hygienic conditions and diseases C. relating to medical knowledge D. having to do with food and cooking 34. Suddenly, it began to rain heavily, so all the summer hikers got drenched all over. A. very tired B. refreshed C. completely wet D. cleansed 35. “It’s no use talking to me about metaphysics. It’s a closed book to me.” A. an object that I really love B. a book that is never opened C. a subject that I don’t understand D. a theme that I like to discuss 36. You have to weigh up all the pros and cons of the matter before you make a decision. A. similarities and differences B. benefits and losses C. finance and health D. advantages and disadvantages 37. My cousin tends to look on the dark side in any circumstance. A. be optimistic B. be pessimistic C. be confident D. be smart 38. Father has lost his job, so we’ll have to tighten our belt to avoid getting into debt. A. earn money B. save money C. sit still D. use up 39. I’m afraid our new product is out of stock at the moment. A. available B. not available C. in process D. unfashionable 40. Please give us prior notice if you need an evening meal. A. in front of B. before C. subsequent D. at the time of
  5. 41. There is convincing evidence of a link between exposure to sun and skin cancer. A. clue B. dispute C. exhibit D. proof 42. Its members’ heads of government meet annually in an ASEAN summit to discuss and resolve regional issues. A. yearly B. weekly C. monthly D. daily 43. During the 1970s, the U.S. forged trade links with China. A work B. commerce C. economy D. development 44. We should join hands to save endangered animals from extinction. A. work together B. take action C. put together D. make decisions 45. Mobile houses have become more popular in recent years. A. staying in one place B. being bent easily and quickly C. being moved easily and quickly D. changing shape 46. This article is extracted from his new book. A taken B. resulted C. differed D. referred 47 People of diverse backgrounds now go to different places for entertainment, business and education. A. isolated B. distant C. various D. same 48. Disability is a physical limitation on your life. A. possibility B. difference C. disadvantage D. benefit 49. The scene was one of breath-taking beauty. A. spoilt B. impressive C. adorned D. touched 50. Is now an appropriate time to make a speech? A. urgent B. correct C. healthy D. suitable 51. He finally fulfilled his dream of being a teacher. A. researched B. donated C. achieved D. preserved 52. It’s her job to clean the class at weekends. A. duty B. order C. exercise D. action 53. My sister has been out of work for 3 years. A. unemployed B. outgoing C. hard-working D. reliable 54. Drinking water each morning may help get rid of toxic substances in the stomach. A. eliminate B. create C. include D. pollute 55. Fish are abundant in the river flowing through the village. A. having less amounts B. giving a lot of choices C. causing congestion D. existing in large quantities 56. The student was broke at the weekend and had to go home. A. having no lesson B. having no food C. having no money D. having no accommodation. 57. The accident is thought to have occurred at midnight. A. cancelled B. vanished C. happened D. collapsed 58. Do you know when this museum was constructed? A. repaired B. begun C. heightened D. built
  6. 59. The catastrophic earthquake destroyed the whole city. A. disastrous B. courageous C. simultaneous D. jealous 60. There is growing concern about school violence. A. answer B. worry C. relation D. memory 61. The odour of the rotting apples was unpleasant. Let’s throw them away. A. image B. origin C. quality D. smell 62a. His bad behaviour stemmed from his lack of early education. A. recovered from B. retired from C. resulted from D. graduated from 62b. Her talent for music was really an unparalleled ability; she won most music prizes in the city. A. incomparable B. compatible C. comprehensive D. inconclusive 63. I couldn’t make out what he was saying as his speech was unclear. A. retell B. precede C. understand D. conserve 64. This theory is a synthesis of some old concepts and some modem ones. A. movement B. combination C. elimination D. development 65. Most citizens show that they uphold the new law completely. A. support B. disapprove C. increase D. reverse 66. A team will be penalized if its players commit fouls. A. awarded B. punished C. defeated D. destroyed 67. Shops always prefer wholesale products as they are cheaper. A. selling step by step B. selling only to some people C. selling continuously D. selling in large quantities 68. This is quite a hard mission for young soldiers to complete. A. task B. game C. chance D. situation 69. We have just received some urgent messages from the Supreme Court. A. great B. dependent C. very important D. advanced 70. This is only a temporary solution to that problem. A. slow B. compulsory C. limited D. serious 71. She has decided that there will be no wedding though they have been engaged for a long time. A. very busy with preparation B. affected by traditional values C. formally agreeing to get married D. sharing the same interest 72 A new hydroelectric power station will be built near the village. A. using water power to produce electricity B. using hydrogen and carbon to produce electricity C. using heat to produce electricity D. using nuclear energy to produce electricity 73. The pirates prefer attacking luxury liners around some islands on the Atlantic Ocean. A. houses B. sharks C. coasts D. ships 74. It is such a big corporation that it has thousands of employees. A. company B. factory C. programme D. club 75. There are some hard-to-pick-up-again books in the bookshelf. So, don’t mention them.
  7. A. good B. scary C. useful D. bad 76. Looking after a naughty child is an uphill task for her. A. well-paid B. difficult C. normal D. wonderful 77. The secrets about his private life have been disclosed to the press. A. revealed B. returned C. stimulated D. raised 78. He is a miserly man who seldom spends money to buy things. A. mean B. deaf C. fat D. rich 79. The teacher gave the students a hint so that they could find the answer. A key B. scold C. suggestion D. condition 80. He was such a diligent student that he studied all day. A. hard-working B. obedient C. punctual D. witty 81. They substituted the original painting with some copies and sold them to customers. A. provided B. replaced C. considered D. distributed 82. I am not sure whether those mushrooms are edible. A. unable to be picked up B. suitable to be eaten C. able to be researched D. likely to cause harm 83. He tried a lot to get the hang of skiing, and finally succeeded. A. start to research B. hang the equipment of C. give up quickly D. learn how to do 84. My niece is the apple of my eve: I always want to be her side. A. the person I love the most B. the person I fear a lot C. the person I don’t take care of D. the person I don’t visit 85. He left home at the drop of a hat without saying a word. A. thoroughly B. visually C. securely D. immediately 86. Thanks to the housemaid, their house is always spick and span. A. clean and tidy B. high and large C. cheap and convenient D. bright and clear 87. The new worker was reprimanded for his serious mistakes. A. required B. blamed C. praised D. exchanged 88. I don’t believe she is really sad for his death; she is just putting an act. A. waiting B. disappointing C. defending D. pretending 89. Those animals are susceptible to cold weather; Let’s make them warm. A. vulnerable B. incredible C. inaccessible D. inevitable 90. The woman rushed to cook lunch after she had gone home from the market. A. decided B. hurried C. learnt D. agreed 91. Most of them all felt exhausted after a day on the farm. A. irritated B. excited C. convinced D. tired 92. My friend and I work in different cities, so I only see him once in a blue moon. A. rarely B. often C. never D. always 93. The unusual weather had an effect on our crops a lot.
  8. A. infected B. affected C. defected D. rejected 94. You shouldn’t participate in their journey. It’s quite hazardous. A. exciting B. beneficial C. messy D. unsafe 95. This hall is for exclusive room of guests. Only rich people can enter it. A. visible B. economic C. decorative D. limited 96. The trip to the village was fantastic. The local people were really hospitable. A. dynamic B. strange C. controversial D. wonderful 97. When crops failed, a lot of people had to face famine. A. crisis B. revolution C. starvation D. epidemic 98. After the sudden shower. a rainbow appeared in the sky. A. storm B. wind C. rain D. flood 99. Some non-governmental organizations did some voluntary activities in Africa last month. A. controlled by a government B. affected by a government C. not belonging to a government D. not protecting a government 100. I don’t think the new changes will be implemented in the near future. A. preserved B. executed C. insured D. rescued 101. Let’s stop here and look at those splendid waterfalls. A. popular B. circular C. regular D. spectacular 102. The new policies really stimulate investment in some rural areas. A. reflect B. encourage C. transmit D. guarantee 103. Could we have an alternative? This room is too small. A. a choice B. an excuse C. a measure D. an order 104. They spent a lot of time making this enormous birthday cake A. small B. low C. big D. soft 105. The heavy machines torn down the house in just some minutes. A. demolished B. repaired C. polished D. elevated 106. It is customary to give children lucky money during the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. A. strange B. traditional C. possible D. essential 107. He gave an outstanding speech about future jobs for high school students. A. competitive B. impressive C. communicative D. extensive 108. You should not use your phone once the plane is airborne. A. with our the air B. outside the air C. in the air D. off the air 109. Some comtemporary laws should be adjusted for an advanced society. A. appropriate B. imperative C. current D. habitual 110. The lecture was so dull that most of the audience fell asleep. A. frightening B. boring C. surprising D. amusing 111. She has a bee in her bonnet about jogging and it is the subject of most of her conversations. A. keeps talking about it again and again B. has no idea about it C. has intention of doing it soon D. gives others advice about it 112. We had unforgettable experiences during our tour of the museum.
  9. A. forgetful B. memorable C. fortunate D. measurable 113. The tiger reached its prey so swiftly that the prey could not recognise it. A. greatly B. fairly C. lately D. quickly 114. The millionaire possessed most of the houses around the lake. A. owned B. sold C. lost D. founded 115. Each day, a lot of infants are born in hospitals. A. adults B. teenagers C. elders D. babies 116. In place of those bulbs, you could buy energy-saving ones. A. In front of B. Instead of C. In search of D. In respect of 117. Customers who will receive gifts have been chosen arbitrarily, A. selectively B. randomly C. controversially D. comically 118. We are trying to console some sorrowful people whose beloved ones were killed in the earthquake. A. sad B. poor C. bald D. kind 119. It is a big sporting event with a lot of professional participants. A. conditional B. skillful C. eager D. adventurous 120. It was a red-letter day for the team as they won the first prize. A. a boring day B. a happy day C. a uneasy day D. a tiring day 121. Some countries in this area were accused of providing the terroists with weapons. A. cultivating B. alternating C. supplying D. dismissing 122. Why do you have to argue over such trivial matter? A. adorable B. fabulous C. unimportant D. envious 123. We had a happy time at the amusement park and the gifts we recived from a game were just the icing on the cake. A. something that causes confusion to something else B. something that is suitable for a specific purpose C. something that has a lot of potential D. something that makes a good situation even better 124. Nowadays, we don’t have to bring much cash with US. A. money B. luggage C. furniture D. knowledge 125. She looked terrific in her new dress, which made her stand out in the party. A. terrible B. wonderful C. tedious D. showy 126. Our teachers advise us to hit the books for the coming exam. A. read more reference books B. arrange the bookshelf C. stop playing sports D. study intensively 127. My teacher laid stress on the importance of textbooks in A. ignored B. criticized C. emphasized D. inflict 128. He doesn’t have a healthy lifestyle as he frequently drinks. A. never B. seldom C. often D. little 129. Please ring me when you arrive in the city. A. ask B. lift C. hold D. phone
  10. 130. He was so annoyed with his daughter that he prevented her from entering their house. A. amazed B. excited C. cheerful D. angry 131. We must verify her confession before leading her to the police. A. delay B. check C. swap D. form 132. My grandfather said he was as right as rain after the time in hospital. A. felt healthy again B. was protected from weather C. did the right thing D. looked as young as teenagers 133. The soldiers overcame their fright and moved forward. A. guess B. fear C. hope D. dream 134. Frogs are amphibians which can be easily found in wet fields. A. animals that live both on land and in water B. animals that can jump quite high C. animals that like deep water D. animals that eat smaller animals 135. Just take it easy and don’t make a fuss about such a small problem. A. return B. resist C. relax D. reload 136. The new policy by the government face a lot of protests. A. ageements B. concepts C. objections D. rumours 137. They formed a massive army to invade their neighbours. A. extensive B. aggressive C. defensive D. comprehensive 138. He used to burn the midnight oil whenever he had an exam. A. sleep through the night B. cook a midnight meal C. work until very late at night D. wait for the night to pass 139. The man who joined the club last week is very good-looking. A. sporty B. intelligent C. active D. handsome 140. She finally got married to a well-off man. A. rich B. poor C. strong D. weak 141. It is hard to estimate how much money we should invest in the project. A. propose B. calculate C. develop D. separate 142. The father said to his children: “Let’s hit the sack now. It’s late.” A. stop working B. do exercise C. go to bed D. have supper 143. The children used clay to create some objects around them. A. toy B. pen C. book D. soil 144. He has made progress in his study recently. A. got up B. got off C. got along D. got away 145. I used play computer game for recreation. A. amusement B. situation C. endurance D. ornament 146. We had a triumph over our neighbours in a friendly football match. A. escape B. victory C. force D. battle 147. The mudslide obstructed the road to the town.
  11. A. loosened B. condensed C. blocked D. detached 148. Mr. John kicked the bucket last night and we are going to his funeral. A. flew B. died C. jumped D. breathed 149. The villagers always showed their esteem for the old man who gave them good advice. A. donation B. adjustment C. sympathy D. respect 150. He held her hand and put a blank sheet of paper on it. A. empty B. colourful C. thin D. dry
  12. 1. Một số bài tập từ vựng đồng nghĩa Câu Đáp án Giải thích 1. C Huge = enormous: rộng lớn; rectangular: hình tứ giác; new mới, tiny: nhỏ 2. C Bright = colorful: nhiều màu sắc 3. C Slim = slender: mảnh khảnh 4. A Delightful = pleasing: hài lòng, vui sướng; Thankful: biết ơn, wonderful: tuyệt vời, satisfied: thỏa mãn 5. B Receive = took: nhận; Gave: cho, waved: vẫy tay, kept: giữ 6. B Fast = swift: nhanh First, đầu tiên, excellent: xuất sắc, slow: chậm 7. B Stun = stupefy: kinh ngạc, sửng sốt 8. B Excellent = extremely good: xuất sắc short: ngắn, good: tốt, merry: vui, cool: ngầu 9. B Excited = very happy: vui sướng Grateful: biết ơn, appreciative: đánh giá cao, nervous: lo lắng 10. D Bridge the gap = reduce the differences: nối khoảng cách, giảm sự khác biệt Increase the understading: tăng sự hiểu biết, construct a bridge: xây cầu, minimize the limitations: giảm thiểu sự hạn chế 11. A Thankful = grateful: biết ơn Greaful: Không có trong từ điển, gratuitous: vô cớ, không mất tiền (mang nghĩa tiêu cực, cheerful: vui vẻ 12. A Discharge = release: thải ra Dismiss: sa thải, obtain: đạt được, produce: sản xuất 13. C Opinion = review: ý kiến đánh giá View: xem xét, regard: cái nhìn, sự quan tâm, look: cái nhìn 14. C Shared: được chia sẻ, có ở nhiều đối tượng = univeral: chung, toàn thể. marked: rõ ràng, đáng chú ý, separated: riêng biệt, hidden: được giấu kín, kín đáo 15. C To be/ become/ grow fond of sth (dần) thích cái gì = love (yêu thích) Cấu trúc grow + tính từ = trở nên như thế nào (diễn đạt sự thay đổi) Be possessed: bị sở hữu, be planted: được trồng cây, be haunted: bị ma ám 16. D Plants and animals: thực vật (cây cối) và động vật = flora and fauna: hệ thực vật và hệ động vật 17. A To be entitled to sth = to be given the right to sth: được trao quyền cho,
  13. được ban cho 18. C Commercials = Advertisements: mục quảng cáo 19. C Pave the way for: mở đường, mở màn, mở đầu = initiate (Khởi xướng, bắt đầu 20. D Cashless: không dùng tiền mặt = cash-free; Danh từ + hậu tố Free: Không có cái gì đó Cash-starved: thiếu tiền, khan hiếm tiền, cash-trapped: mắc bẫy tiền, bị lừa tiền, cash-in-hand: sẵn tiền mặt 21. A Threats = risks: mối đe dọa, mối nguy hiểm Annoyances: sự khó chịu, fears: nỗi sợ hãi; irritations: sự tức giận 22. C Striking contrast (sự tương phản lớn) = significatnt diference (sự khác nhau đáng kể) Minor comparison: sự so sánh nhỏ, interesting resemblance: sự giống nhau một cách thú vị, complete coincidence: sự trùng hợp hoàn toàn 23. C Advocate (tán thành, ủng hộ) = publicly supported (ủng hộ một cách công khai) Openly criticized: phê phán một cách công khai, thẳng thắn, publicly said: nói một cách công khai, strongly condemned: chỉ trích mạnh mẽ 24. C A masterpiece: một kiệt tác = an excellent work of art (một tác phẩm nghệ thuật xuất sắc) (work đếm được mang nghĩa tác phẩm) An expensive work of art: tác phẩm nghệ thuật đắt đỏ, a down-to-earth work of art: tác phẩm nghệ thuật thực tế, a large work of art: tác phẩm nghệ thuật lớn. 25. B Explode (bùng nổ) = suddenly become uncontrollable (đột nhiên trở nên không kiểm soát được): câu này dựa vào tình huống ta dịch cụm từ: frustration explodes: nổi giận đùng đùng Slowly reach the boiling point: ý nói từ từ đến đỉnh điểm của sự tức giận, stay under pressure: vẫn áp lực, remain at unchanged level: giữ nguyên ở mức độ đó (Không biến đổi) 26. D In the company of (gắn bó với bạn bè) = being together with friends (cùng bạn bè) Forming a new business company: thành lập công ty kinh doanh mới, being separated from peers: tách biệt khỏi bạn bè, enjoying the care of parents: thích sự chăm sóc của cha mẹ 27. D Escalation of tension (sự làm căng thẳng thêm) = worsening the situation (sự làm tình hình xấu thêm) Ease the tention: làm dịu căng thẳng, improve the situation: cải thiện tình hình, face the reality: đối mặt với sự thật 28. D Health food store (cửa hàng bán đồ ăn có lợi cho sức khỏe) = beneficial to health (có lợi cho sức khỏe)
  14. Full of preservatives: chứa đầy chất bảo quản, harmful to health: có hại cho sức khỏe, convenient to prepare: tiện chuẩn bị 29.A Hazardous (đầy mạo hiểm, nguy hiểm) = Causing a lof of risk (gây ra nhiều rủi ro) Bring excitement: mang lại sự hứng thú, result in depression: dẫn tới sự thất vọng, tuyệt vọng, cost a lot of money: tốn tiền 30.C Handful (số lượng 1 nắm tay, số lượng nhỏ) = small number (lượng nhỏ) Number + đi với danh từ số nhiều, đếm được, amount + đi với danh từ không đếm được 31.A Hearing (có khả năng nghe) = able to hear Physical abnormal: mất bình thường về mặt thể chất, obedient to patterns: nghe theo các mô hình, kiểu; hard of hearing: khó nghe, có vấn đề về thính giác. Dịch: Cũng giống các trẻ sơ sinh có khả năng nghe mà bắt đầu bằng các tiết đơn lẻ, rồi các âm tiết dài như một câu và câu hỏi, các em bé bị điếc cũng làm theo cách tương tự. 32.C Insights into sth = deep understanding: sự hiểu biết sâu sắc. Far-sighted view: tầm nhìn xa, spectacular sightings: tầm nhìn kỳ ngoạn mục, in-depts studies: học sâu 33.D Culinary (nấu nướng, bếp núc) = having to do with food and cooking (làm những thứ liên quan đến đồ ăn và nấu nướng) Có thể đoán nghĩa dựa vào từ: dinner (bữa tối), dishes (các món ăn bày trong đĩa) và mouth-watering (chảy nước miếng vì nhìn ngon miệng) 34.C Drenched (ướt sũng) = completely wet Very tired: rất mệt; refreshed: tươi mới, khỏe khoắn, cleansed: sạch sẽ 35.C A closed book to me (Một quyển sách được đóng, ý nói khi gấp sách thì chẳng biết gì) = a subject that I don’t understand: Môn học mà mình không hiểu gì. An object I really love: một thứ mình rất thích, a book that is never opened: một quyển sách chưa bao giờ mở, a theme that I like to discuss: một chủ đề mình thích thảo luận 36.D Pros and cons = advantages and disadvantages = benefits and drawbacks: những điểm lợi ích và bất lợi 37.B Look on the dark side = be pessimistic: lúc nào cũng nghĩ tới những điểm tiêu cực, bi quan Optimistic: lạc quan; confident: tự tin; smart: thông minh 38.B Tighten our belt = save money: thắt chặt chi tiêu, tiết kiệm tiền Earn money: kiếm tiền, sit still: ngồi im một chỗ, use up: dùng hết 39.B Out of stock = not available: Hết hàng, không có sẵn In process: trong quá trình, unfashionable: không thời trang 40.B Prior = before: trước đó (thời gian) In front of: phía trước (vị trí), subsequent (xảy ra sau), at the time of: vào thời điểm 41.D Evidence = proof: bằng chứng, chứng cứ Clue: manh mối, dispute: tranh chấp, exhibit: vật trưng bày 42.A Annually = yearly: hàng năm Weekly: hàng tuần, monthly: hàng tháng, daily: hàng ngày 43.B Trade = commerce: thương mại 44.A Joind hands = work together: Chung tay, Chung sức, làm việc cùng nhau
  15. Take action: hành động (thực hiện một việc nào đó), put together: cho cái gì vào chung nhau, make decision: đưa ra quyết định 45.C Mobile = being moved easily and quickly: di động, có thể di chuyển dễ dàng, nhanh chóng Staying in one place: ở một chỗ, cố định, being bent: được gặp, changing shape: thay đổi hình dáng 46.A Be extracted from = be taken from: Được trích từ, được lấy từ (nguồn tài liệu nào đó) Resulted from: là do (nguyên nhân ), differed: biệt ở, referred: ám chỉ tới 47.C Diverse = various: đa dạng, khác nhau Isolated: bị cách ly, distant: xa, same: như nhau 48.C Limitations = disadvantages: những điểm hạn chế, bất lợi Possibility: khả năng xảy ra điều gì, difference: sự khác biệt, benefit: lợi ích 49.B Breath-taking = impressive: hấp dẫn đến ngập thở (ý nói rất đẹp, rất ấn tượng) Spoilt: bị phá hủy, không còn nguyên sơ, adorned: được trang hoàng, touched: đã được chạm tới 50.D Appropriate = suitable: phù hợp Urgent: khẩn cấp, correct: đúng, healthy: lành mạnh 51.C fulfil = achieve: đạt được, hoàn thành research: nghiên cứu; donate: tặng, biếu; preserve: bảo quản 52.A duty = job = việc phải làm, nghĩa vụ (theo nghĩa trong câu) order: mệnh lệnh; exercise: bài tập, bài thể dục; action: hành động 53.A out of work = unemployed: thất nghiệp outgoing: hòa đồng, hướng ngoại; hard-working: chăm chỉ; reliable: đáng tin cậy 54.A get rid of = eliminate: loại bỏ, tống khứ create: tạo ra; include: bao gồm; pollute: làm ô nhiễm 55.D abundant (có nhiều) = existing in large quantities (tồn tại ở số lượng lớn) having less amounts: có số lượng ít hơn; giving a lot of choices: đưa ra nhiều lựa chọn; causing congestion: gây ra sự tắc nghẽn 56.C broke = having no money: không có tiền, cháy túi having no lesson: không có bài học; having no food: không có đồ ăn having no accommodation: không có chỗ ở. 57.C occur = happen: xảy ra cancel: hủy bỏ; vanish: biến mất; collapse: sụp đổ 58.D construct = build: xây dựng repair: sửa chữa; begin: bắt đầu; heighten: làm cao lên 59.A catastrophic = disastrous: gây thảm họa lớn. courageous: dũng cảm; simultaneous: đồng thời, cùng lúc; jealous: đầy ghen tuông 60.B concern = worry: sự lo lắng answer: câu trả lời; relation: mối liên hệ; memory: trí nhớ, kỷ niệm. 61.D odour = smell: mùi image: hình ảnh; origin: nguồn gốc; quality: chất lượng 62.C stem from = result from: có nguyên nhân từ, bị gây ra bởi recover from: hồi phục lại từ; retire from: nghỉ hưu, rời khỏi; graduate from: tốt nghiệp từ
  16. C make out - understand: hiểu retell: kể lại; precede: đi trước; conserve: bảo tồn 64.B synthesis = combination: sự kết hợp, sự tổng hợp movement: sự chuyển động; elimination: sự loại bỏ; development: sự phát triển 65.A uphold = support: ủng hộ disapprove: không ủng hộ; increase: làm tăng lên; reverse: đảo ngược 66.B penalize = punish: phạt, trừng phạt A. award: thưởng; defeat: đánh bại; destroy: phá hủy 67.D wholesale (bán sỉ) = selling in large quantities (bán theo số lượng lớn) selling step by step: bán theo từng bước một; selling only to some people: chỉ bán cho một số người; selling continuously: bán đi liên tục 68.A mission = task: nhiệm vụ game: trò chơi; chance: cơ hội; situation: tình huống 69.C urgent (khẩn cấp) ~ very important (rất quan trọng) great: tuyệt vời, lớn lao; dependent: phụ thuộc; advanced: tiên tiến 70.C temporary (tạm thời, trước mắt) ~ limited (bị hạn chế) slow: chậm; compulsory: bắt buộc ; serious: nghiêm túc 71.C engaged (kết hôn) = formally agreeing to get married (chính thức đồng ý làm vợ chồng) very busy with preparation: rất bận rộn với sự chuẩn bị; affected by traditional values: bị ảnh hưởng bởi các giá trị truyền thống ; sharing the same interest: có cùng sở thích 72.A hydroelectric (thủy điện) = using water power to produce electricity (dùng sức nước để tạo ra điện) using hydrogen and carbon to produce electricity: sử dụng khí hydro và carbon để tạo ra điện; using heat to produce electricity: sử dụng nhiệt để tạo ra điện ; using nuclear energy to produce electricity: sử dụng năng lượng hạt nhân để tạo ra điện 73.D liner (tàu thủy lớn chở khách dài ngày) ~ ship (tàu) house: nhà; shark: cá mập; coast: bờ biển 74.A Corporation (công ty, doanh nghiệp lớn) ~ company (công ty) factory: nhà máy; programme: chương trình; Club: câu lạc bộ 75.A hard-to-pick-up-again (không chọn lần nữa) ~ bad (dở, không hay) (sách) good: tốt; scary: đáng sợ ; useful: hữu ích 76.B uphill = difficult: khó khăn well-paid: được trả lương cao; normal: bình thường; wonderful: tuyệt vời 77.A disclose = reveal: tiết lộ return: trở về ; stimulate: kích thích, khuyến khích ; raise: nuôi, quyên góp 78.A miserly = mean: keo kiệt, bủn xỉn deaf: điếc; fat: béo; rích: giàu 79.C hint = suggestion: lời gợi ý key: chìa khóa, đáp án; scold: sự chửi bới; condition: điều kiện 80.A diligent = hard-working: chăm chỉ obedient: biết vâng lời; punctual: đúng giờ; witty: dí dỏm
  17. 81.B substitute = replace: thay thế provide: cung cấp; consider: xem xét; distribute: phân phối 82.B edible = suitable to be eaten: có thể ăn được unable to be picked up: không thể được hái; able to be researched: có thể được nghiên cứu; likely to cause harm: có khả năng gây hại 83.D get the hang of sth = learn to do sth: học làm gì start to research: bắt đầu nghiên cứu; hang the equipment of: treo trang thiết bị của; give up quickly: nhanh chóng từ bỏ 84.A the apple of my eye (quả táo trong mắt tôi) ~ the person I love the most (người tôi yêu thương nhất) 85.D at the drop of a hat = immediately: ngay lập tức, rất nhanh. thoroughly: một cách kỹ càng ; visually: về thị giác, theo bề ngoài; securely: một cách an tâm, chắc chắn 86.A spick and span = clean and tidy: sạch sẽ và ngăn nắp high and large: cao và rộng lớn; cheap and convenient: rẻ và tiện lợi bright and clear: sáng và rõ ràng 87.B reprimand = blame: khiển trách, trách cứ require: yêu cầu; praise: khen ngợi; exchange: trao đổi 88.D put an act = pretend: giả bộ wait: chờ đợi; disappoint: thất vọng, làm thất vọng 89.A susceptible - vulnerable: dễ bị tổn thương, không chịu được cái gì incredible: không thể tin được; inaccessible: không thể tiếp cận được, inevitable: phải xảy ra, không thể tránh khỏi 90.B rush to do = hurry to do: vội vã, gấp gáp làm gì decide: quyết định; learn: học; agree: đồng ý 91.D exhausted (rất mệt mỏi, kiệt sức) ~ tired (mệt mỏi) irritated: bị kích động, nổi nóng; excited: háo hức; convinced: quả quyết, tin chắc 92.A once in a blue moon ~ rarely: hiếm khi 93.B have an effect on = affect: ảnh hưởng đến infect: lây nhiễm; defect: đào ngũ; reject: loại bỏ 94.D hazardous = unsafe: nguy hiểm, không an toàn exciting: thú vị; beneficial: có lợi; messy: hỗn độn 95.D exclusive (độc quyền, riêng biệt) ~ limited (hạn chế) visible: có thể thấy được; economic: thuộc kinh tế; decorative: mang tính trang trí, 96.C fantastic = wonderful: rất tuyệt vời, dễ chịu dynamic: sôi động; strange: kỳ lạ; controversial: gây tranh cãi 97.C famine = starvation: nạn đói crisis: sự khủng hoảng; revolution: cuộc cách mạng; epidemic; dịch bệnh 98.C shower (cơn mưa rào) ~ rain (mưa) storm: bão; wind: gió; flood: lụt 99.C non-governmental (phi chính phủ) = not belonging to a government (không thuộc về chính phủ) controlled by a government: bị điều khiển bởi chính phủ; affected by a
  18. government: bị ảnh hưởng bởi chính phủ; not protecting a government: không bảo vệ chính phủ 100.B implement = execute: tiến hành, thực hiện preserve: bảo quản, dành riêng; insure: bảo hiểm; rescue: giải cứu 101.D splendid = spectacular: hùng vĩ, đẹp mắt popular: phổ biến, được ưa thích; circular: có hình tròn; regular: đều đặn 102.B stimulate = encourgae: khuyến khích reflect: phản ánh; transmit: truyền, phát; guarantee: đảm bảo, cam đoan 103.A alternative = choice: lựa chọn, sự thay thế excuse: lời xin lỗi, bao biện; measure: biện pháp; order: mệnh lệnh, đơn hàng 104.C enormous (rất lớn) ~ big (lớn) 105.A tear down = demolish: phá sập repair: sửa chữa; polish: đánh bóng; elevate: nâng lên 106.B customary = traditional: theo truyền thống strange: kỳ lạ; possible: có thể; essential: thiết yếu, rất quan trọng 107.B outstanding = impressive: gây ấn tượng, nổi bật competitive: có tính cạnh tranh; communicative: thuộc giao tiếp; extensive: rộng rãi, bao quát 108.C airborne - in the air: ở trên không 109.C contemporary = current: hiện tại, đương thời, đương đại appropriate: thích hợp; imperative: cấp bách, bắt buộc; habitual: thường lệ, quen thói 110.B dull = boring: chán, thiếu hấp dẫn frightening: đáng sợ; surprising: đáng ngạc nhiên; amusing: vui vẻ 111.A have a bee in one's bonnet about sth: cứ nói đi nói lại về 1 vấn đề vì bạn thấy nó quan trọng 112.B unforgettable = memorable: đáng nhớ A. forgetful: đãng trí; fortunate: may mắn; measurable: có thể đo đếm được 113.D swiftly = quickly: nhanh greatly: một cách lớn lao; fairly: một cách tương đối, công bằng; latley: gần đây 114.A possess = own: sở hữu sold (sell): bán; lost (lose): mất, thua; found: thành lập 115.D infant = baby: trẻ rất nhỏ, trẻ sơ sinh adult: người trưởng thành; teenager: thiếu niên; elder: người lớn tuổi 116.B in place of = instead of: thay vì in front of: ở đằng trước; in search of: để tìm kiếm; in respect of: liên quan đến 117.B arbitrarily = randomly: một cách ngẫu nhiên selectively: một cách có chọn lọc; controversially: có tính tranh luận; comically: một cách khôi hài
  19. A sorrowful = sad: buồn poor: nghèo; bald: hói; kind: tử tế 119.B professional = skilful: có trình độ cao, chuyên nghiệp conditional: thuộc về điều kiện; eager: háo hức; adventurous: thích phiêu lưu 120.B a red-letter day (một ngày hạnh phúc, đặc biệt, quan trọng) ~ a happy day 121.C provide = supply: cung cấp cultivate: trồng trọt; alternate: luân phiên; dismiss: bác bỏ 122.C trivial = unimportant: không quan trọng, tầm phào adorable: đáng yêu; fabulous: hoang đường, rất tuyệt; envious: ghen tỵ 123.D the icing on the cake = điều mà làm cho một chuyện đã tốt còn tốt hơn nữa. 124.A cash (tiền mặt) = money (tiền) luggage: hành lý; furniture: đồ đạc; knowledge: kiến thức 125.B terrific = wonderful: tuyệt vời terrible: kinh khủng; tedious: chán ngắt; showy: lòe loẹt, phô trương 126.D hit the books = study intensively: học hành nghiêm túc 127.C lay stress on = emphasize: nhấn mạnh ignore: bỏ qua, làm ngơ; criticize: chỉ trích; inflict: nện, giáng, bắt phải chịu 128.C frequently = often: thường thường never: không bao giờ; seldom: hiếm khi; little: ít khi 129.D ring = phone: gọi điện thoại 130.D annoyed = angry: giận dữ, tức giận amazed: ngạc nhiên; excited: háo hức; cheerful: vui tươi 131.B verify (thẩm tra, xác nhận) ~ check (kiểm tra) delay: trì hoãn; swap: hoán đổi; form: tạo thành 132.A be as right as rain: khỏe mạnh trở lại, thấy rất khỏe 133.B fright = fear: sự sợ hãi, nỗi sợ guess: sự đoán; hope: sự hy vọng; dream: giấc mơ 134.A amphibian: động vật lưỡng cư – có thể sống cả trên cạn và dưới nước 135.C take it easy = relax: thư giãn, bình tĩnh return: trở về; resist: kháng cự; reload: nạp lại 136.C protest = objection: sự phản đối ageement: sự đồng ý; concept: quan điểm; rumour: lời đồn 137.A massive = extensive: đông đảo, nhiều
  20. aggressive: hiếu chiến; defensive: có tính phòng thủ; comprehensive: bao hàm toàn diện 138.C burn the midnight oil: thức rất khuya làm việc 139.D good-looking (có vẻ đẹp ngoại hình) ~ handsome: đẹp trai sporty: hay chơi thể thao; intelligent: thông minh; active: năng động 140.A well-off = rich: giàu có 141.B estimate (ước tính, tính toán) ~ calculate (tính toán) propose: đề xuất; develop: phát triển; separate: chia cách 142.C hit the sack = go to bed: đi ngủ 143.D clay (đất sét) ~ soil (đất) 144.C make progress = get along: tiến bộ get up: thức dậy; get off: xuống xe; get away: bỏ đi. 145.A recreation = amusement: sự giải trí, tiêu khiển. situation: hoàn cảnh, tình huống; endurance: sức chịu đựng; ornament: đồ trang trí 146.B triumph = victory: sự chiến thắng escape: sự trốn thoát; force: lực; battle: trận chiến 147.C obstruct = block: ngăn trở, chặn lại loosen: nới lỏng; condense: làm đặc; detach: tách ra 148.B kick the bucket = die: chết, qua đời 149.D esteem = respect: sự kính trọng donation: sự quyên góp; adjustment; sự điều chỉnh; sympathy: sự cảm thông 150.A blank = empty: trống rỗng colourful: đầy màu sắc; thin: mỏng; dry: khô
  21. UNIT 2: MỘT SỐ BÀI TẬP TỪ/ CỤM TỪ TRÁI NGHĨA Mark letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions. 1. Strongly advocating health foods, Jane doesn’t eat any chocolate. A. denying B. impugning C. supporting D. advising 2. Unless the two signatures arc identical. the bank won’t honor the check. A. different B. genuine C. fake D. similar 3. Pure water is often a fairly rare commodity that requires significant energy to produce. A. Contaminated B. Clean C. Unadulterated D. Flawless 4. Why are being so arrogant? A. humble B. Cuming C. naive D. snooty 5. The soldiers were told to commence firing in the mock battle. A. continue B. stop C. begin D. evoke 6. The consequences of the typhoon were disastrous due to the lack of precautionary measures. A. severe B. beneficial C. physical D. damaging 7. In big cities, animals should be kept under control. A. out of dispute B. out of discipline C. out of hand D. out of order 8. We ought to keep these proposals secret from the chairman for the time being. A. accessible B. revealed C. lively D. frequented 9. We left New York when I was six; so my recollections of it are rather faint. A. misunderstood B. clear C. ambiguous D. explanatory 10. Phosphorus is used in paints for highway signs and markers because it is luminous. at night. A. dim B. adequate C. bright D. attractive 11. Lugwig van Beethoven was one of the great composers in the history of music. A. influential B. outstanding C. reliable D. unknown 12. His policies were beneficial to the economy on a whole. A. innocent B. harmless C. crude D. detrimental 13. It was apparent from her face that she was really upset. A. indistinct B. evident C. obvious D. transparent 14. The loss of his journals had caused him even more sorrow than his retirement from the military six years earlier. A. grief B. joy C. comfort D. sympathy 15. I’ll have to whisper to you, otherwise he will hear. A. shout B. whistle C. talk D. say 16. The company is very successful in releasing a new customer driven product, which contains no artificial colors. A. natural B. false C. artful D. factual 17. Now when so many frogs were killed, there were more and more insects. A. fewer and fewer B. less and less C. lesser and lesser D. lesser and fewer 18. Asa newspaper reporter she always wanted to get information at first hand.
  22. A. indirectly B. directly C. easily D. slowly 19. In the 1980 census, New Jersey was the most densely populated state. A. rigorously B. heavily C. wantonly D. sparsely 20. The ship went down although strenuous efforts were made to save it. A. energetic B. forceful C. half-hearted D. exhausting 21. Do you know of any actual cases of this happening? A. false B. untrue C. hypothetical D. imitate 22. One by one, the stars appeared in the sky. A vanished B. blossomed C. broke out D. performed 23. My cousin tends to look on the bright side in any circumstance. A. be confident B. be optimistic C. be pessimistic D. be smart 24. Their wedding party caused great disappointment but at least there was sufficient food for everyone. A. worthless B. inadequate C. satisfying D. unpleasant 25. In many countries, military service is obligatory. A. encouraged B. compulsory C. voluntary D. mandatory 26. Henry has found a temporary job in a factory. A. genuine B. permanent C. eternal D. satisfactory 27. Primary education in the United States is compulsory. A. selective B. optional C. free of charge D. required 28. I prefer secure jobs because I don’t like keeping on moving and changing all the time. A. challenging B. demanding C. safe D. stable 29. We couldn’t roller-skate or skateboard on the road because it was too rough. A. far B. bumpy C. cold D. smooth 30. Unless you water your indoor plants regularly and give them the necessary vitamins, you can’t expect them to look healthy. A. front-door B. outdoor C. side-door D. door 31. Travel insurance is sometimes mistaken for temporary health insurance, but the two are actually different. A. transitory B. passing C. mutable D. permanent 32. Although they hold similar political views, their religious beliefs present a striking contrast. A. interesting resemblance B. complete coincidence C. significant difference D. minor comparison 33. Mr. Smith’s new neighbors appear to be very friendly. A. hostile B. nice C. aware D. popular 34. You can certainly set up a partnership with him as he is trustworthy. A. unreliable B. indispensable C. unfavourable D. independent 35. Inadequate supply of oxygen to the blood can cause death within minutes. A. Non-existent B. Sufficient C. Rich D. Useful 36. I would be happy to go along with the idea. A. disagree with the idea B. agree with the idea
  23. C. support the idea D. approve with the idea 37. The thieves hid their precious possession in the well. A. priceless B. worthless C. valuable D. invaluable 38. “That is a well-behaved boy whose behaviour has nothing to complain about.” A. behaving nice B. behaving cleverly C. good behaviour D. behaving improperly 39. Last year, the rush hour delayed our trip to the airport and as a result, we had to change our flight. A. a time of the year when people don’t like shopping B. an hour in the afternoon when people do not travel on the road C. an hour in the morning when the traffic is easy D. a time during each day when traffic is at its easiest 40. Names of people in the book were changed to preserve anonymity. A. cover B. conserve C. presume D. reveal 41. However, how to make full use of these sources of energy is a question for researchers all over the world. A. complete B. imperfect C. partial D. hungry 42. My little daughter would spend an inordinate amount of time in the shop, deciding which goods she was going to buy. A. excessive B. limited C. required D. abundant 43. This new magazine is known for its comprehensive coverage of news. A. casual B. superficial C. indifferent D. inadequate 44. During the five-decade history the Asian Games have been advancing in all aspects. A. holding at B. holding back C. encouraging D. pushing up 45. Their classmates are writing letters of acceptance, A. agreement B. admission C. refusal D. confirmation 46. He was not afraid to pet the gentle dog, even though it was very big. A. dirty B. cold C. calm D. fierce 47. I can’t stand people who treat animals cruelly. A. cleverly B. gently C. reasonably D. brutally 48. Harry displays enthusiasm whenever he is posed with a problem. A. eagerness B. weakness C. indifference D. softness 49. We strongly believe that he’s innocent of the crime. We do not think that he did it. A. crimeless B. skillful C. clean D. guilty 50. Chinese and French have been made optional second foreign languages at some language universities in Vietnam. A. compulsory B. important C. comfortable D. necessary 51. Her health has improved dramatically since she met that doctor. A. become quicker B. become better C. become slower D. become worse 52. Computer games are a source of pleasure to some young people. A. sadness B. truth C. happiness D. belief
  24. 53. Young birds are quite vulnerable when their predators attack them. A. safe B. gentle C. aware D. frightened 54. The new policy has brought about substantial changes to the country. A. essential B. dangerous C. fast D. small 55. The drainage of wetlands may lead to natural habitat destruction. A. exploration B. damage C. water filling D. change 56. It is the island’s cultural diversity that makes it unique. A. beauty B. abundance C. movement D. similarity 57. The most energetic athletes participated in the westling competition last month. A. weak B. cheerful C. enthusiastic D. worried 58. Those goods are imported directly from Thailand, so their prices are cheaper. A. reported B. exported C. deported D. comported 59. The soldiers stood solemnly when the president passed by them. A. cheerfully B. impressively C. carefully D. passively 60. This sentence has some figurative meanings and it is hard to understand it fully. A. integral B. literal C. external D. federal 61. The coming exams caused her a lot of distress and exhaustion. A. worry B. action C. ease D. doubt 62. The doctors try their best to save the wounded man. Unfortunately. he could not survive. A. Ultimately B. Definitely C. Unbelievably D. Luckily 63. You should not wear casual clothes when coming to a job interview. A. vital B. normal C. formal D. total 64. All characters in his novel were imaginary and they were created by himself. A. scary B. real C. ugly D. illusory 65. Don’t eat that stale bread. You may have a stomach ache. A. bad B. fresh C. old D. mild 66. The little girl used to feel carefree with her family before moving to the new place. A. relaxed B. tired C. happy D. worried 67. The differences in the test’s results have caused discord among the students in the class. A. harmony B. disagreement C. noise D. uncertainty 68. Some young people had a discourteous attitude towards the MC at the party, which made him unhappy. A. indifferent B. sociable C. impolite D. respectful 69. The hero had united all the people around him, and then they headed for the battlefield. A. divided B. gathered C. altered D. displayed 70. A lot of young people were standing outside the hall waiting for their idol to come out. A. someone they loved B. someone they hated C. someone they feared D. someone they left 71. I would rather you stopped childish behaviour. A. silly B. active C. sensible D. abstract
  25. 72. The singer refused to tell the reporters about her past. A. denied B. regretted C. hoped D. agreed 73. The lady still keeps her old- fashioned purse as it was a present from her grandmother. A. ancient B. modem C. realistic D. vital 74. Infinite crowds of people followed the procession to the square. A. Limited B. Successive C. Chaotic D. Substantial 75. How could you make a reckless comment on her post? A. thoughtful B. thoughtless C. helpful D. helpless 76. Do you believe in eternal friendship in which the friends never betray one another? A. temporary B. lasting C. potential D. suitable 77. He is a broad-minded man who always listens to other people’s advice. A. lively B. faithful C. nervous D. stubborn 78. City life always creates an unpleasant feeling of noise and pollution. A. fuss B. cry C. silence D. image 79. The truck gradually vanished in the dense fog. A. departed B. disappeared C. revolved D. appeared 80. We received a convivial welcome from the villagers, which made us feel at home. A. cheerful B. unfriendly C. hospitable D. comfortable 81. How much will it be if we subtract the transport costs? A. enter B. exclude C. add D. find 82. He was a brave man who fought against the gangsters to protect the girl. A. lively B. lonely C. friendly D. cowardly 83. The decline in the national economy led to the recession in the country that year. A. transmission B. improvement C. attrition D. exchange 84. He was once a benevolent man who gave a lot to charities. A. selfish B. generous C. innocent D. knowledgeable 85. The captain ordered the soldiers to gather on the double, even though they were sleeping. A. intensively B. increasingly C. hesitantly D. immediately 86. Some volunteers go to remote areas to teach illiterate people. A. knowing how to read and write B. not knowing how to read or write C. not knowing how to find the ways D. not knowing how to drive a car 87. Do you know where the entrance to this building? A. exit B. gate C. balcony D. hall 88. I find it incomprehensible that they didn’t choose that excellent girl for the job. A. impossible B. irritable C. understandable D. accessible 89. The heavy traffic prevented me from going to work on time this morning. A. quick B. much C. light D. high 90. The old lady suffered a mental health problem after her illness. A. physical B. digital C. central D. cultural 91. She made a futile attempt to escape from the kidnappers and was captured again.
  26. A. thoughtless B. defensive C. unexpected D. successful 92. The more crowded a population is, the more energy they consume. A. save B. use C. spend D. grow 93. There is a shallow lake near the village where the children can swim. A. dirty B. large C. long D. deep 94. Don’t believe him. He is quite deceitful. A. honest B. clever C. grateful D. hostile 95. During the Lunar New Year, people always wish their friends or relatives health, happiness, and prosperity. A. richness B. poverty C. danger D. anxiety 96. The main drawback of the project is its expense. A. potential B. advantage C. velocity D. durability 97. His debts have been accumulating for the last few years. A. increasing B. strengthening C. decreasing D. celebrating 98. Optimists always look on the bright side of a problem. A. Socialists B. Novelists C. Artists D. Pessimists 99. This complicated problem can’t be solved within a few days. A. complex B. simple C. unimportant D. secret 100. They were determined to resist without surrendering until the end. A. limit B. submit C. struggle D. promise 101. They are launching a campaign to promote awareness of environmental issues. A. encourage B. publicize C. hinder D. strengthen 102. Allow me to fill your glass. A. remake B. empty C. refill D. repeat 103. He is over the moon about his examination result. A. stressed B. very sad C. very happy D. satisfied 104. The only means of access to the station is through a dark subway. A. arrival B. admission C. outlet D. output 105. They protested about the inhumane treatment of the prisoners. A. vicious B. warm-hearted C. callous D. cold-blooded 106. She performed all her duties conscientiously. She didn’t give enough care to her work. A. irresponsibly B. liberally C. responsibly D. insensitively 107. Their classmates are writing letters of acceptance. A. agree B. confirmation C. refusal D. admission 108. This boy is poorly-educated and doesn’t know how to behave properly. A. ignorant B. uneducated C. knowledgeable D. rude 109. Urbanization is the shift of people moving from rural to urban areas, and the result is the growth of cities. A. transposition B. maintenance C. variation D. movement 110. The Vietnamese consider it rude to interrupt a person while he is talking.
  27. A. bad mannered B. polite C. uneducated D. ignorant 111. After their long-standing conflict had been resolved, the two families decided to bury the hatchet. A. become enemies B. become friends C. give up weapons D. reach an agreement 112. Remember not to show your nervousness during a job interview. A. confidence B. anxiety C. challenge D. creativeness 113. She was unhappy that she lost contact with a lot of her old friends when she went abroad to study. A. lost control of B. put in charge of C. made room for D. got in touch with 114. The people at the party were busy playing some games. A. doing something B. free C. eager D. making something 115. But what the most prevents women from reaching the boardroom, say bosses and head-hunters, is lack of hands-on experience of a firm’s core business. A. unavailable B. untested C. impractical D. insignificant 116. Nowadays, it was rather easy to buy a modem TV, and it does pack a punch to bring to life some really awesome visuals. A. have little effect on something. B. make bad things happen. C. prevent something from coming into use D. produce the results that aren’t intended 117. The Red Cross is an international humanitarian agency dedicated to reducing the sufferings of wounded soldiers, civilians and prisoners of war. A. happiness B. loss C. sadness D. pain and sorrow 118. He had never experienced such discourtesy towards the president as it occurred at the annual meeting in May. A. rudeness B. measurement C. encouragement D. politeness 119. John was so insubordinate that he lost his job in one week. A. understanding B. fresh C. obedient D. disobedient 120. Hundreds of people have become jobless when the foreign president of the company left the country secretly. A. employed B. busy C. unemployed D. highly-paid 121. A mediocre student who gets low grades will have trouble getting into an Ivy League College. A. excellent B. lazy C. average D. moronic 122. The shop assistant has to break off the conversation to serve a customer. A. interrupt B. hurry C. continue D. begin 123. Population growth rates vary among regions and even among countries within the same region. A. restrain B. stay unchanged C. remain unstable D. fluctuate 124. All children can attend without paying fees at state schools. A. primary schools B. secondary schools C. high schools D. independent schools 125. The doctor asked John to exhale slowly. A. imhale B. move in C. enter D. breathe in
  28. 126. A chronic lack of sleep may make us irritable and reduce our motivation to work. A. calm B. uncomfortable C. miserable D. responsive 127 He found the course difficult so he had to spend most of his time on study. A. memorable B. easy C. interesting D. hard 128. Because Jack defaulted on his loan, the bank took him to court A. failed to pay B. paid in full C. had a bad personality D. was paid much money 129. In the final match between Liverpool and Manchester United, viewers witnessed the deadly strike’s 11th goal of the season. A. mortal B. unhealthy C. lethal D. immortal 130. His career in the illicit drug trade ended with the police raid this morning. A. elicited B. irregular C. secret D. legal 131. Your experience with oil well fires will be invaluable to the company in case of trouble A. precious B. priceless C. important D. worthless 132. A thrifty buyer chases fruits and vegetables in season. A. professional B. economical C. careful D. extravagant 133 An employer must be very careful in dealing with subordinates and documenting their files in order to avoid complaints. A. bosses B. coordinators C. outside help D. employees 134. My friend and his soccer coach are incompatible. They are always arguing. A. too different to work together B. almost exactly the same type C. really disliking each other D. getting on very well 135. The motorist felt that the ticket for infraction was unwarranted. A. conscientious B. justified C. inadvertent D. inevitable 136. Lakes occupy less than two per cent of the Earth’s surface, yet they help sustain life. A. prolong B. obstruct C. support D. destroy 137. In remote communities, it’s important to replenish stocks before the winter sets in. A. remake B. empty C. refill D. repeat 138. There has been no discernible improvement in the noise levels since lorries were banned. A. clear B. obvious C. thin D. insignificant 139. The guests at the party last night refused to eat the raw fish. A. fresh B. cooked C. rotten D. well- done 140. She decided to remain celibate and devote her life to helping the homeless and orphans. A. divorced B. single C. separated D. married 141. She came for Christmas laden with gifts for everyone. A. later B. provided C. unloaded D. lifted 142. The town is built on a tainted swamp. A. sweet B. odorous C. ugly D. delicious 143. There has been a significant shortage of new homes in the region. A. lack B. poverty C. abundance D. fall
  29. 144. People in Vietnam nod their head to show that they agree with something. A. blink B. shake C. wave D. slump 145. The distinction between schooling and education implied by this remark is very important. A. odd B. implicit C. obscure D. explicit 146. This kind of dress is becoming outmoded. If I were you, I wouldn’t dress it up at the party. A. fashionable B. realistic C. unfashionable D. attractive 147. The soldier was demoted for improper behavior. A. promoted B. lowered C. resigned D. let off 148. His replies were inconsistent with his previous testimony. A. contradicted B. compatible C. enhanced D. incorporated 149. We were all in a good mood because the weather was good and we were going on holiday the next day. A. relaxed and comfortable B. at ease and refreshed C. upset and disappointed D. sad and depressed 150. I think it’s impossible to eliminate school examinations. They are necessary to evaluate students’ progress. A. stop B. extinguish C. continue D. organize
  30. 1. Các từ/ Cụm từ Trái nghĩa Câu Đáp án Giải thích 1. B (to) advocate: ủng hộ công khai > < shout(n): la to, hét lớn.
  31. B. whistle(n): sự huýt sáo; C talk(n): cuộc trò chuyện; D. say(n); tiếng nói 16.A Artificial (adj): nhân tạo > < permanent (adj): lâu dài A. transitory (adj): tạm thời; B. passing (adj): thoáng qua, ngắn ngủi;
  32. C. mutable (adj): không bền 32.B a striking constrast (n): sự tương phản nổi bật > < gently (adv): nhẹ nhàng, dịu dàng A. cleverly (adv): thông minh, thông thái; C. reasonably(adv): hợp lý; D. brutally(adv): tàn nhẫn
  33. C Enthusiasm (n): sự hăng hái > < fresh (adj): tươi
  34. A. bad (adj): kém, xấu; C. old (adj): cũ; D. mild (adj): nhẹ, dịu 66.D carefree (adj): vô tư lự, vui vẻ > < cowardly: hèn nhát
  35. A. lively (adj): sôi nổi; B. lonely (adj): cô đơn; C. friendly (adj): thân thiện 83.B decline (n): sự suy thoái > < pessimist (n): người bi quan
  36. A. socialists (n): người theo chủ nghĩa xã hội; B. novelists (n): tiểu thuyết gia; C. artists (n): nghệ sĩ 99.B complicated (adj): phức tạp > < (to) get in touch with: giữ liên lạc với ai
  37. A. lost control of: mất kiểm soát; B. put in charge of: nắm quyền kiểm soát; C. made room for: dành chỗ cho 114.B busy (adj): bận rộn > < easy (a): dễ dàng
  38. A. memorable (a): đáng ghi nhớ, không thể nào quên; C. interesting (a): thú vị; D. hard (a): khó, cứng 128.B (to) default: không thể trả nợ > < abundance (n): sự phong phú, sự thừa thãi A. lack (n): sự thiếu; B. poverty (n): sự nghèo nàn; D. fall (n): sự giảm sút
  39. B (to) nod: gật (đầu) > < continue: tiếp tục A. stop (V): dừng lại; B. extinguish (v): dập tắt; D. organize (v): tổ chức