TIếng Anh 12 - Passive voice using passive - Ing and to - infinitive forms

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  1. PASSIVE VOICE d. being changed by a win on the lottery. USING PASSIVE -ING AND TO-INFINITIVE FORMS e. being accepted by a leading publisher. be + -ed participle Exercise 2. Choose the correct word or words. be + being + -ed participle 1 Few problems were caused by the baby to be I being born a month early. -ing form + -ed participle 2 The staff expect to be I being paid on Wednesday. Now we can learn to use passives formed by 3 I'm interested in to be I being taught to sing. be + -ed participle, be + being + -ed participle or -ing form + -ed participle. 4 Are all these people waiting to be / being seen by Dr Ronalds? 5 The cherry cakes from that shop are said to be I being the best in the North. PASSIVE INFINITIVE 6 The team are hoping to be / being awarded a national prize for design this year. The ordinary passive infinitive consists of to be, followed by the -ed participle. Exercise 3. Complete the sentences by writing one word in each gap. - They opted to be flown home the next day. being / making / served / said / mind / told - We need these clothes to be cleaned by Friday. 1. When would you like dinner tobe? - There was nothing to be done for the unfortunate animal. 2. The children were enjoying themselves so much that they forgot about given jobs by - She appears to have been totally forgotten. their parents. - Women seem to be being promoted more often than in the past. 3. There is nothing to be that can help them. Here are the passive infinitives. The passive infinitives marked with a star are very 4. The police ought to be about the accident. rarely used. 5. Did you being mistaken for your sister? to be eaten to be being eaten* Exercise 4. Decide if the pairs of sentences have the same meaning. to have been eaten 1. A. Being given so much money was not necessarily a good thing for Mark. to have been being eaten* B. It was not necessarily good for Mark to be given so much money.  2. A. Lars needs his employment history to be checked before he gets offered the job. PASSIVE -ING FORMS B. Lars should ensure that he has the right employment history before he can go for The ordinary passive -ing form consists of being and the -ed participle. the job.  - I object to being asked to do it. 3. A. Is the chicken ready to be taken out of the oven? - Being told to do something one doesn’t want to do is awful. B. Is it time to take the chicken out of the oven?  - Having been declared fit, he was allowed to leave the hospital. 4. A. The Earth was once believed to be flat. - They were taken to the airport after having been issued with visas. B. People used to believe the Earth was flat.  Here are the passive -ing forms. The -ing form marked with a star is very rarely used. 5. A. Jack and Sita enjoyed being shown the place where celebrities got married. being eaten B. Jack and Sita enjoyed showing celebrities where they got married.  having been eaten having been being eaten* Exercise 5. Which sentences are correct? 1. Rita allowed her daughter to be taken sailing across the lake.  PRACTICE 2. The zoo is getting ready being inspected by an animal welfare organization.  3. How did you be managed to award three free tickets?  Exercise 1. Match the sentence halves. 1. The princess prefers not 4. I refuse to be told what to do by a four-year-old!  2. Most people hate 5. The tickets to see the band had to give to someone else because I was ill.  3. Lisa often imagines her life 6. The building began to be seeing as a masterpiece as soon as it was finished.  4. The millionaire wants most of his money 5. The poet dreamt about his poems Exercise 6. Find the wrong or extra word in each sentence. a. being stared at. 1. The bones are being thought to be from a meat-eating dinosaur. b. to be treated differently from everyone else. 2. He put a helmet on because he didn't want to be hit himself by a falling rock. c. to be given to charity. 3. I didn't mean what I said to be taken there seriously. TQT
  2. 4. Being me chosen to play in the match was a big surprise. 5. Does your son remember being put him to bed last night? 6. Putting the lid on the pan prevents the rice for drying out. Exercise 7. For each sentence, tick the correct ending. 1. The district  is said to have been named after Christopher Columbus.  is said to having been named after Christopher Columbus. 2. Pierre resented  to be spoken to like a naughty child.  being spoken to like a naughty child. 3. Time is running out, and  something has to be done soon.  something has to be doing soon. 4. The 16 crew are believed to be safe  after to have been rescued by emergency services.  after having been rescued by emergency services. 5. At school, Arabella chooses  to be known as Bella.  being known as Bella. 6. As Javier turned the corner,  he noticed that he was being followed.  he noticed that he has been followed. TQT