Đề thi vào lớp 10 THPT - Môn: Anh văn

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  1. TEST 2021 - ĐỀ THI VÀO 10 THPT – QUẢNG NINH Question 1: A. kiss B. nice C. thin D. with Question 2: A. played B. needed C. wanted D.mended Questinon 3: A. nation B. picture C. worker D. suggest Question 4: A. Vietnamese B. decision C. important D.location Question 5: I hope get a very high score in my last test. A B C D Question 6: If I were you , I will buy that expensive car. A B C D Question 7: I think this exercise is more difficult to that one. A B C D Question 8: The first university was built in Sydney on 1850. A B C D Question 9:She often talk to her father about her hobbies and interests. A B C D Question 10: My family spent an interested holiday in Europe last summer. A B C D Question 11: Mrs. Moon ___ for this company since 2010. A. is working B. works C. has worked D. worked Question 12. This is the website ___ provides updated information about covid-19. A. who B. whose C. whom D. which Question 13. Peter is short. He is not tall ___ to be a policeman. A. so B. enough C. quite D. too Question 14. We must ___ right now or we’ll be late. A. leave B. leaving C. to leave D. leaves Question 15. She is living with her eldest son, ___? A. does she B. aren’t she C. isn’t she D. do she Question 16. Smoking is harmful, ___ many people still smoke. A. but B. so C. therefore D. however Question 17. Tom: “ Your new hat looks really nice.” Jerry: “___” A. Thank you B. Me, too C. Yes, I can’t see it. D. No, you’re right. Question 18: Kate: “ How did you get there?” - John: “___”. A. I came here last night B. It’s so crowded. C. I came here by train D. It is far from here. Question 19. The local people are trying their best to protect the ___ beauty of their city. A. nature B. natural C. naturalist D. naturally Question 20. The October 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake ___ severe damage to the buidings in San Francisco Bay area. A. generated B. made C. caused D. created Question 21:The mouse ran so ___ quickly that the dog couldn’t catch it. (QUICK) Question 22: Ms Jane is a ___ teacher at a local school. ( TEACH)
  2. Question 23: We should learn about keeping our environment ___ unpolluted ( POLLUTE) Question 24: My mum is wearing a very ___ beautiful dress at her birthday party. (BEAUTY) Question 25: Her father always prevented her from painting. His ___ discouragement made her so upset. (COURAGE) Read . Online shopping is one (26)___ the fastest growing areas of the Net, (27)___ offers users many advantages over traditional shopping. Customers have access to a a wider range of the best goods than in any shopping centre; there are no queues or parking problems; ‘shops’ are open 24 hours (28)___ day and purchases are delivered to your door. What is more, prices and competitive, and online price comparision services enable you to find the most suitable items. (29)___ sites search the net for a product and then show you how much different online stores are charging. Once you have decided what you are going to buy, and who you are going to buy it from, simply click on the “add to shopping basket” (30)___ on your smart phone. Question 26. A. of B. by C. for D. with Question 27. A. who B. which C. whose D. whom Question 28. A. the B. a C. an D. ứ (nothing) Question 29. A. Every B. Each C. Much D. Many Question 30 A. icon B. slogan C. symbol D. logo Read In the USA, there are two days for children to express their love and gratitude to their parents: Mother’day and Father’s Day. Mother’s Day is celerated on the second Sunday in May. On this day, mothers usually receive greeting cards and gifts from their husbands and children The best gift of all American moms is a day of leisure. The majority of American mothers have outside jobs as well as housework, so their working days are often very hard. Flowers are an important part of the day. Mothers are often given a plant for the occasion, particularly if they are elderly. Father’s Day is celebrated throughout the USA on the third Sunday in June. The holiday customs are similar to Mother’s Day. Dad aslo receives the same gifts as what moms get on their day. Question 31. This passage is mainly about___. A. celebrations for teachers B. festivals in the USA C. celebrations for parents in the USA D. festivals for parents in the world. Question 32. According to the passage, Mother’d Day is celebrated ___ A. on the third Sunday in May B. on the second Sunday in May C. on the last weekend in may D. on the first weekend in may Question 33. According to the passage,which can mother NOT reveive on Mother’s Day? A.greeting cards B. a day of leisure C. flowers D. a wedding dress Question 34. Father’s Day is held ___ according to the passage. A. in the west of the USA B. outside the USA C. throughout the USA D. D. in the east of the USA
  3. Question 35. It can be inferred from the passage that on the occasion of Father’s day, ___ A. kids wear animal masks and visit parents B. dads dress smartly and give greeting cards and gifts to mums and family members C. kids get anything they want from fathers D. dads receive greeting cards and gifts from his family and enjoy a day of leisure. Question 36. Nobody in this club is taller than him. He is the tallest (person) in this club. Question 37. My mother said: “ I am going to meet Mary.” My mother said to me that she was going to meet Mary. Question 38. I haven’t seen that man before. -> It’s the first time I have seen that man. Question 39. It’s pointless to complain about her mistakes. There is no point in complaining about her mistakes. Question 40. Since the invention of the computer, people have saved a lot of time. Since the computer was invented, people have saved a lot of time. (Note: Cỏc em tham khảo nhộ. Đề do cỏc bạn chộp, cụ gừ lại khụng biết cú sai sút gỡ khụng.)